14 - Recent land protest and reform movements

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  • Road Protests – expense of policing sites forces government to abandon aggressive road building programme - Thatcher 'If you don't own a car you have failed in life'
  • Fracking – a repeat of the road protests and still in the balance. France and Dallas, Texas ban fracking 2013
  • Scotland – Isle Of Eigg and Scottish Land Reform Act

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  • 1990s Road protests
  • 1997 Isle Of Eigg community land buyout
  • 2003 Land Reform (Scotland) Act
  • 2014 Fracking protests

Sample Text

I want to hang up the nineties road protests now and also pop this one up about fracking. Both situations where our government has used some pretty dodgy economic arguments to justify further industrialisation and destruction of the countryside for the short term profits of their supporters.

All of the roads that were protested against in the nineties were ultimately built but the whole road building programme was pulled as the security costs spiralled out of control as activists teamed up with local groups all over the country to protect sites earmarked for destruction.

This is a good example of having to lose a battle to win the war and it is likely, if people continue to campaign with the passion and persistence we have seen recently that we may see a similar story with regard to fracking.

France has banned fracking, Germany is well on the way to too and horror stories coming from parts of the US where it is an established practice should hopefully keep us on track to battle the propaganda war shamelessly being waged by politicians, corporations and mainstream media.

There is a lot of amazing an inspiring work being done around the country at the moment and I urge you go connect up with it as it is the front line of action in the country at the moment and you will meet some brilliant and inspiring people in the process of standing up for people, community and nature over profit.

Lots of amazing work is also being done up north. Back in 1997 the Isle Of Eigg became the first part of Scotland to successfully buy-out all their communities land from an absentee landlord. Momentum from this led to the 2003 Land Reform (Scotland) Act which gives any community in Scotland the right to buy back their land regardless of whether the landlord wants to sell it. I am sure that you will agree that that is pretty huge and a great source of inspiration for us south of the border.